Short overview of all events


Festival dalmatinskih klapa Omiš” takes place for the 56th time this year. The events started on June in Omiš and Bol on isle of Brač and will end on the middle of July with the grand finale of male klapas (a capella choir).

Here is a short overview of all events in Omiš in 2022:

Saturday, June 11th Primary school yard Omis THE EVENING OF CHILDREN KLAPAS
Saturday, June 18thBol – isle of Brac THE EVENING OF KLAPAS DEBUTANTS
Friday, June 24th St.Michael’s square, Omis GRAND OPENING 56th FDK OMIS 2022 – THE EVENING OF Mo. NIKOLA BUBLE
Saturday, June 25thSt.Michael’s square, Omis THE EVENING OF NEW COMPOSITIONS – OMIŠ 2022
Sunday, June 26th Monastery “Skalice” cloisterTHE EVENING IN HONOUR OF POET DRAGO IVANISEVIC
Thursday, June 30th Stjepan Radic’s square THE EVENING OF MIXED KLAPAS
Friday, July 1st Stjepan Radic’s squareTHE FIRST ELIMINATION EVENING (m/f)
Saturday, July 2ndStjepan Radic’s squareTHE SECOND ELIMINATION EVENING (m/f)
Sunday, July 3nd Stjepan Radic’s squareTHE THIRD ELIMINATION EVENING (m/f)
Sunday, July 10thStjepan Radic’s squareTHE EVENING OF Mo. DUSKO TAMBACA
Thursday, July 14thSt. Mihovil squareTRADITIONAL CONCERT
“The city of Zagreb to the town of Omiš”
Friday, July 15thSt. Mihovil squareTHE FINAL EVENING OF FEMALE KLAPAS
Saturday, July 16thSt. Mihovil squareTHE FINAL EVENING OF MALE KLAPAS

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Ivana Katušića 5 – 21310 Omiš, Croatia